Dell Backup Discs... for free!

Is your warranty expired and Dell is asking you to buy discs that you lost a long long time ago?

"Dell Customers can now request a set of backup discs containing the factory-installed operating system as well as the device drivers and utilities specific to your system."

+ Requests are limited to one (1) set of backup discs per system purchased.

+ The backup discs requested must match the operating system that was factory installed on the original order.

"Please note that Dell will provide you the most up to date Resource disc available, containing the latest drivers and diagnostic tools currently being shipped on new systems. Due to the frequent updates, this Resource disc may not have all the drivers needed for your specific system, especially if it is over one (1) year old."

These are the exact words from DELL's website:

So don't be shy, fill up the form and just sit back and wait for your free copy of your dell backup discs.


Lots of people I spoke to had problems with windows XP not booting up completely. Loading gets stuck at the Windows XP loadign screen with the black background and green bars moving from left to right. In this case, the boot sector of the OS has already been damaged or corrupted.

Now, unlike windows Vista or Windows 7 that has a STARTUP REPAIR option. The only thing we can do for XP is run FIXBOOT in the recovery console.

"The fixboot command is a Recovery Console command that writes a new partition boot sector to the system partition that you specify."

Just type FIXBOOT C: at the command prompt of the recovery console, then press ENTER on your keyboard. This will write a new BOOT SECTOR and after the process is done, just type EXIT then press ENTER on the keyboard.
The computer will restart and you should be able to boot to windows normally.

Installing and Upgrading Memory

This is a video about laptop memory, but the fact about upgrading memory can be applied to both Desktops and Laptops.

Upgrading memory is really cheap nowadays, but newer computers now, especially those that run on 64-bit systems, can go up to 24GB of RAM!! Makes me feel like the 4GB on my computer, which was the most a computer can get 4 years ago, isn't big enough at all.. Hayz!

How much RAM can your computer handle?


This is Dell's new monster computer. Also known as STUDIO XPS 435T It runs of Intel Core i7, 6 slots of DDR31066MHz RAM which can take up to a whopping 24GB of memory! Compatible with PCI Express Gen2 x16 video cards, and a 475W power supply which can handle the toughest games available. And unlike it's predecessor 435MT, this system will give you the flexibility to install a 32-bit or 64-bit Operating Sytem and a whole lot of etceteras.
Just watch the Video to find out more.

Note: The quality of this video isn't too good. I'll try looking for a better one.

Dell Factory Image Restore

Most software issues are very complicated and even if you do resolve them there is still a chance that it has already done damage to your operating system. In this case the easiest way to fix the problem is to format the hard drive all together. But formatting can be tough and the choosing the right drviers to install is even trickier and the entire process can take up more than 2 hours of your time. That doesn't include the time you have to spend installing the programs that came from the factory one disc at a time.

Good thing dell computers nowadays have have a factory image built in to the hard drives. If you can successfully access the factory image, you can restore your computer back to factory condition in just a little over 15 minutes, and you won't have to install the programs and drivers one at a time. The factory image will also automatically install programs and drivers that came from the factory. So in less then half an hour, you would have a working computer which is as good as you first got it.

How to access the factory image?

Visit this link:

or contact Dell Technical Support.

I'll see if I can come up with a video post on how it's done, but no promises though. Cheers!

Adamo XPS - the thinnest notebook ever!

WINDOWS 7 for starters

Most new computers now run on Windows 7 but a lot of us still have trouble with this new Operating System which is so alien for XP users like me. This video by techno buffalo shows us the newest stuff Win7 can do.


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