Check your Dell computer's warranty online

Every day a there's a Dell computer that expires and Dell is making lots of money from customers whose warranty is expired but needs assistance with their computers. Although the company usually sends notice or calls a few days before the due date, somehow the email gets lost or the call doesn't go through. Next thing you know your computer has problems and you're having second thoughts of calling technical support for assistance because of the uncertainty of your warranty.

Dell XPS computers, by default, only have 1 year warranty. So if it's been a year and you don't recall extending your warranty when you bought the computer or after, chances are your warranty is expired.

But how do I know for sure?!
Well if you still have access to the internet, and I assume you do since you're reading this post, you can head over to and click on the WARRANTY INFORMATION > Warranty Status. Then all you need is to put in the Service Tag of you computer, click the blue arrow and it should show if your warranty has expired or not.

Dell Warranty Page

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