My New Dell computer did not come with any discs!

You might be wondering why your new computer did not come with any CD's. The information below contains a bit of the reason why.
Discs are still available though, but you'll have to call Technical Support to request for it, or you can just go to this website,

****The following was taken from the dell community website***

Media Reduction Initiative (effective April 1, 2010)

* Effective Apr 1, 2010, consumer systems will no longer include the Operating System or Resource Driver discs. Utilize DataSafe Local to restore/create copy of the media
DataSafe Local provides you with the capability to create a set of Recovery Discs that contain a complete copy of all software installed on your Dell computer. By creating these Recovery Discs, you are making a backup of all the software that was installed on your computer at the factory, which allows you to reinstall all applications, drivers and the Windows operating system shipped with your computer. While there is a similar copy of the software in the recovery partition, creating recovery discs provides additional protection for the factory installed software.
DataSafe Local FAQ

My Dell Downloads
My Dell Downloads provide you the access and tools to quickly create backup and recovery media or restore your system to factory settings. You can either choose to download and install an application or make a copy of the download, subject to any limitation in the application's license agreement
* You can either choose to download and install an application or make a copy of the download
* The maximum number of downloads in any case is 3 per application
My Dell Downloads FAQ
* List of Applications available from My Dell Downloads
Facial Recognition by Sensible Vision
Power DVD (DVD)
Power DVD (BD)
Roxio Easy CD-DVD Burning DE
Roxio Burn
Dell Webcam Central
Trend Micro PC-cillin (15/24/36months)
Sapphire McAfee (15/24/36months)

Dell Alienware Desktop and Laptop PCs (minus the M11x)  are excluded from the Dell Media Reduction Initiative. This means those Alienware PCs will receive the Recovery Discs.


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