Computers Packed in Bamboo

Dell is going green with it's packaging. Back in November Dell announced it's shipping its Dell Inspiron Mini 10 and 10v netbooks in packaging made from bamboo, a highly renewable material that serves as a great alternative to molded paper pulp, foams and corrugate often used in packaging. Dell is First in the PC Industry to Introduce Packaging Made from Bamboo; Bamboo is Sustainable Alternative to Paper, Foams and Corrugate Packaging. LINK

What's good about Bamboo Packaging?

"It's an exciting, sustainable alternative. It grows super fast (up to two feet a day), promotes healthy soil and has a tensile strength greater than steel (!), making it great for protecting our cute little Inspiron Mini 10s in transit." - Michelle m.

1.) So it Grows fast..
2.) It's Strong..
3.) And Easy on the environment.
Dell plans to increase this type of packaging not only for the inspirons systems but for the other laptop lines as well.

What do you think of Bamboo packaging?


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