Coverage of Expired Warranty Support

One day, your computer crashes. You run a hardware diagnostics and all test passed. You're not tech savvy at all and have no Idea how to resolve this problem. You're aware that your warranty is expired but you still decided to call Dell's renowned technical support to see what they can help you with. The operator tells you that you have to Pay $59 for support since you're out of warranty.
You decided to pay it anyway even if you couldn't understand the rep's strong foreign  accent. The rep gives you your confirmation number and you're transferred to a technical support person who seems to know what he's doing. He takes your confirmation number and guides you to fixing your computer. It takes him less than 30 minutes to fix it. You're completely amazed and thought the $59 was worth it.  But at the back of your mind you still have no idea what the coverage of the Expired warranty you paid for was.  So I'm here to tell you what it's all about.

Facts about your Expired Warranty Support (EWS)
1. The $59 is non-refundable except on occasions when no troubleshooting was done on the part of Dell.
2. The support group who will assist you is Dell's Hardware tech support, not  Solution Station (Software Dept)
3. Re-installing of windows and slow performance issues are covered.
4. The support period is 30 days only, unless the case has not been resolved in that time frame, then it would be indefinite..
5. Virus removal and data backup is not covered by this service.
6. You can call as many times as you want or as many hours as you want. It's all covered. Hehe!
7. lastly, EWS does not cover parts replacement. If parts are physically or mechanically damaged, the


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