The Dell Dock download

One of the interesting applications for Dell computers is the Dell Dock. Aside from being an eye-candy, the dock also serves to organize the programs and shortcuts so that they're not cluttered on your desktop screen. This can go on the top, bottom, or at the sides of the screen. Dell Dock first came out to complement the style and look of Windows Vista. It looked even better when used on Windows 7. In my opinion it was made in attempt to rival the MAC DOCK but it falls a bit short on that attempt. But at least there's something we could use as PC users that's almost as good.

Anyways, there's a negative side to using the Dell Dock. It seems to take up a lot of memory especially if you have the Vista Side Bar running with it. This will make your computer run slower if you don't have enough RAM memory.

So if you're still interested in getting the Dell Dock for your computer it's available at

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  1. My dell came with dell dock, I thought that I will never get a chance to use it as I was not having any work regarding to it. But finally I installed it and found it interesting, actually I like the thing.

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