Free windows 7 upgrade

If you don't already know, Dell is giving out free windows 7 upgrade discs for your XPS computer. Yes, you heard me right. But..! Yes, there's always a but. you can get the free upgrade discs but only for computers purchased on a certain period of time.

"To be eligible for the DellTM Windows® 7 Upgrade Option program, you must purchase a Dell system between June 26, 2009 and January 31, 2010 that meets the following criteria:
Your system must have one of the following operating systems Windows Vista® Home Premium, Windows Vista® Business, or Windows Vista® Ultimate factory installed OR have Windows XP pre-installed with Windows Vista Business Bonus, or Windows Vista Ultimate Bonus.
The system must be included in the list of Eligible Systems for an upgrade."

Here's a list of models that are eligible:

Desktop Laptop
Inspiron Studio XPS Adamo Inspiron Studio XPS
537,537s One 19 625 13 14 (1440) 14z (1440) 1530
545,545s Hybrid 140G 630   15 (1545) 15 (1555,1557) 1330
546,546s XPS 435T/9000 730x   13 (1320) XPS 13 (1340)  
530,530s XPS 435MT 460   17 17 (1735,1737,1745,1747)  
537,537s 537,537s 537,537s   537,537s 537,537s  
531s 540,540s One A2420   1318 XPS 16 (1640,1645)  
518 XPS 8000     1525 1536  
519       11z (1110) 1537  
One 19       14z (1470) 14(1450,1457)  
400 (ZinoHD)       15z (1570)    

Ofcourse the upgrade disc you'll recieve will depend on the windows Vista version that you already have. If you have Windows Vista Home premium, The windows 7 disc you will get is Windows 7 Home premium. If you had Windows Vista Ultimate, you will get the Windows 7 Bussiness.

So to get more Information about free upgrade, just go to or you can just call Dell's customer service 1-800-624-9897.

Does this post seem like I'm promoting Dell? Well in a way maybe I am because I've been a dell user for many years now and I can say I've had a great experience using them especially the XPS line which is just more than eye-candy. I want other XPS users to enjoy the same thing. So if you have any questions you can just post a comment, or email me at


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