Studio XPS 1340 e-SATA Drive

Studio XPS 13 e-SATA Drive

There has been news that some e-SATA External Hard Drives are having issues being detected by the STUDIO XPS 13(1340)



1. If you have another computer that has e-SATA connection, try connecting your external Hard Drive to that computer first and see if it works.

2. Check your Hard Drive's manual for any special instructions or firmware installation if one is needed.

3. Go to or click on the STUDIO XPS 1340 drivers link on the sidebar of this site. Download the latest BIOS and CHIPSET drivers.

4. If that still doesn't work, then feel free to call Dell's Technical Support. 1-800-232-8544 or visit the chat support at

Sometimes it could be really frustrating when your new computer doesn't work right off the bat. Then you have to wait for Dell or Microsoft to fix the darn thing. So for now, I would suggest you get an external hard drive that doesn't use e-SATA connection, or one that has both features to be on the safe side. It's just like when the 64-bit OS started out. A lot of things wouldn't work on it at first, just had to wait a few years for all the other software and hardware to catch up.


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