Windows 7 Batteries Recall

Are you having issue with your laptop's batteries that run on Windows 7? Areyou getting Windows error messages saying that you battery life is running out? Is you XPS laptop having these issues and is still under warranty?

Dell just recently released an advisory saying that they would recall or "Capture" systems that are having this particular issue. Apparently nobody knows what's going on. There are several fixes suggested through the net like BIOS update, Chipset update or just battery replacement but nobody seems to know what's going on. Well atelast not yet. This issue doesn't seem to bee isolated to dell computers either. Other brands and models experience it as well but i's only those running Windows 7.

Personally, I've seen this issue other people's laptops. Dell tech support says they can only replace the battery if it's within one year from the date of purchase. So this recent development changes the rules a bit.

If you're having this issue, or if you know anyone having this same issue please pass the word and don't be afraid to call XPS Tech Support 1-800-232-8544.

For more information about Dell laptop batteries, read this: DELL BATTERY FAQ's.


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